Monday, November 23, 2009

The holidays!!

Usually I can not wait for the holiday season so I can start baking. Well, this year I have been baking now for about 3 months already!! My mom, now more confident with my baking skills, has requested I bring several things for Thanksgiving this year. Unfortunately, only one thing will be "new" as far as my blog goes. I will be making the blueberry crumble pie, potato buttermilk rolls, and pecan pie. I can't wait for the pecan pie, because the picture in the cookbook looks amazing!!
I want to wish everyone happy baking this Thanksgiving!! I hope your dinner is delicious!!


  1. Thats very good so now you learned many things which you can bake.Give recipe of blueberry crumble pie on your post.I also want to try.My baking skills are very good but I try few things.I like your post dear.Keep it up.

  2. If you click on blueberry crumble pie in the post it will take you to the recipe. It is also listed under July in the blog archive.