Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chocolate Souffle

Day 45 Recipe 26
Last Friday, I made chocolate souffle. I was a little worried about making this because it had said as a sidebar to the recipe that people are scared of making souffles because they can be tricky. But I followed the directions and only had a small snag in the plan. The directions said to cook for 8-10 minutes, so I started with 8 minutes... but they didn't look quite set, so I added 2 more minutes. Then I took them out, dusted them with powdered sugar, took a picture, and took a bite. Only to find that the middle was still a little soupy. I didn't know if they were supposed to be like this or not... I had never eaten a chocolate souffle before!! So I called my trusty neighbor, Libby, and she said that it should be baked all through out. So I put it back in, and it had to cook for like 5 more minutes. I figured that it had to be done. It tasted pretty good. I have a couple of more souffles to make in the cookbook, so hopefully I will have more success with those!

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  1. These were just about perfect Autumn. "better than the one we paid $17 for at the Biltmore" said Carlos. They were great! Thanks for sharing