Monday, September 28, 2009

Gingery Gingersnaps

Day 64 Recipe 39
I am not a huge gingersnap fan. I like my cookies to have chocolate in them and be soft and gooey. So I was not hugely looking forward to making these cookies. But I have to say, they turned out pretty darn good! My husband, who is not a sweet eater at all, at 6 in one sitting! My kids even liked them. The thing that was a little different about this recipe was that they had 1/2 cup of chopped crystallized ginger in them. I don't know if regular gingersnaps have molasses in them, but these did. The cookies were not hard, but soft in the center. Apparently, as far as gingersnaps go, these were delicious!! The crystallized ginger

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  1. YUMMY!!! These were so good and flavorful. Not overbearing with ginger, just the right amount. Soft, warm and chewy. Love this recipe