Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Raspberry Jam Sandwich Hearts

Day 42 Recipe 25
I hate making sugar cookies! They always come out too thin or too thick making them underdone or too brown. So I had been putting off making these cookies. A couple weeks ago I was at Williams-Sonoma and found the coolest thing...Even Dough Bands ($9). The pack has 4 different thicknesses of bands, and you place them on the end of your rolling pin, and your dough will be the desired thickness!! (Check out the pic below) They worked like a charm!! (Macy's also sells them, for about $10) I highly recommend them for your holiday baking!

I am not a huge sugar cookie fan... I prefer my cookies soft and chewy. But the sandwich cookies with the raspberry jam were really yummy! The cookies aren't too sweet so the powdered sugar on top and the tartness of the raspberry jam is a great combination! The kiddos totally loved the the little hearts that were left from the cutouts!! So even though I most likely won't be making these again, I am glad that I did, and I got to test out a new gadget!!

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  1. These were delicious!!! I do not like raspberry at all but they were so good. Also, I left one out on the counter overnight, and they softened up and were even better second day!